Our Role

Our initial meeting may be in the family home, hospital or rest home when we arrive to bring your loved one back into our care.

We will then arrange to meet with family at a mutually convenient time to fill out the required paperwork and to finalise funeral plans.

We are here to help with as many (or as few) of the arrangements as you wish. Our locally sourced business partners understand the short lead time our clients often need.  Examples of these important services are printers, florists, caterers, musicians, videographers, newspapers, cemeteries, celebrants, to name a few.  They will also provide the quality of product our bereaved families may not have the time nor emotional energy to pursue, or the time to compare services. This high level of support enables us to operate a prompt, professional service while keeping our focus firmly on our grieving family’s needs. 

While our business service must be professional and efficient at all times it is our aim to help balance the emotional state of our clients with the tasks that need to be achieved, often all within a short time frame.

Another service Taupo Funeral Services Ltd offer is to meet with a family member and explain funeral options for a loved one who may be terminally ill using a pre-arrangement form. This often takes a lot of the pressure off the arrangement process at a sad and busy time, when the loved one has passed.