Things To Do When A Loved One Dies

  • Phone family and friends, to gather support around yourself, and also to allow those travelling distances to be with you to start their travel arrangements.
  • Phone the deceased’s doctor and advise him or her, they may also ask you if the deceased is to be cremated, this is important for the required doctor’s documentation.     
  • Phone us for advice and immediate support. We will assist you with contacting the GP if contact has not yet been made and to arrange a time for us to receive your loved one into our care. You may like to prepare a bag of clothing to travel with him or her to the funeral home. 
  • Unless you wish for a very prompt funeral service, you really don’t need to do much more until you are ready to sit with your funeral director and start arrangements, we understand that sometimes it may take a while until the family have gathered to meet with us, and energy levels are restored enough to do so. 
  • Some things that may prompt communication sooner than other arrangements may be the preservation of your loved one for viewing, checking of availability of your church, clergy or celebrant and newspaper notices.
  • Refer also to "Frequently Asked Questions"